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  • In memory of Anna Winther

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 22/11/2015

    Sadly, Anna Winther was one of the three foreign nationals who died in the Esperance bushfire of 17 Nov 2015. She was a regular at Dhammaloka and active in the Kaliyana Mitta group of young Buddhists. She was 29 years old and was studying a Masters degree by research, although taking time off from her studies to work in Esperance to fulfill her visa requirements. She was a beautiful woman with profound intelligence and a kind heart, and will be missed.This is an article for the Curtin University newspaper, which she wrote as part of her journalism degree which we[…]

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  • Kathina at Dhammasara 2015

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 21/11/2015

    There was a good turnout at the Dhammasara monastery's Kathina ceremony a few weekends ago. Please watch the short video here.

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  • Truthfulness

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 20/11/2015

    Truthfulness In the Pali canon, right speech has four parts: (1) truthfulness, (2) harmonious (not divisive) speech, (3) gentle (not harsh) speech, and (4) meaningful (not useless) speech. Often the first type of right speech is used as shorthand for all four categories, and as we saw in the previous post (but one) truthfulness is the first principal; if words are not truthful, the Buddha would not speak them. Right speech is a key to continuous mindfulness: we watch our words for their truthfulness (or un-) with as few lapses of attention as possible. As with doing anything with great care,[…]

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  • Extra – events in France

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 14/11/2015

    Extra – events in France Dear friends, Today I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to reflect on events of the past 48 hours in France. Many wise and useful things have been said, but this is the basis of my contemplation: What are they fighting about? About their perception of the world. These words are taken from a talk by Ajahn Sumedho, “The Need for Wisdom in the World”. It answers the question: Why does anyone fight? People fight because their perception of the world leads them to a position where fighting seems reasonable. The question of what creates those perceptions is impossible to answer[…]

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  • What would the Buddha say?

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 12/11/2015

    What would the Buddha say? One of the most useful roles of hiri and ottappa (conscience and concern – see previous post) is in protecting our speech. While we might think long and hard before committing a deliberate act, our words sometimes flow out in a torrent with no filtering gates. There are a few different ways in which the Buddha described Right Speech, but let’s start with a checklist. In the canonical text quoted below, the Tathagata is a name for the Buddha, approximately “thus gone”. He frames his lesson to a prince by covering every variant of speech being true or untrue and[…]

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  • Message from the President

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 07/11/2015

    Dear Members, BSWA can be proud to say that we have made a major breakthrough in obtaining permanent visa applications for our monks and nuns who have taken the vow of poverty and have been instrumental in the change of policy guidelines in Australia for visa applications for our Sangha. Background Since 2009, BSWA and all Sangha throughout Australia, have had problems obtaining permanent visas. Unlike clergy of other mainstream religions who are paid a salary, our Sangha would never have been able to meet the minimum wage requirement because of their vow of poverty. This made it impossible for[…]

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  • Living with others

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 07/11/2015

    Living with others Like the Roman god Janus, every person faces simultaneously in two opposite directions. With one face of our consciousness we gaze in upon ourselves and become aware of ourselves as individuals motivated by a deep urge to avoid suffering and to secure our own well-being and happiness. With the other face we gaze out upon the world and discover that our lives are thoroughly relational, that we exist as nodes in a vast net of relationships with other beings whose fate is tied up with our own. Because of the relational structure of our existence, we are engaged in a[…]

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  • Kathina at Bodhinyana Monastery

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 03/11/2015

    Sunday 01 Nov 2015 was a beautiful spring day and it was lovely to see so many people out to welcome the monks at the end of their annual three month retreat. Watch our two minute newsreel.

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  • The monks are back at Armadale tonight - yeah

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 02/11/2015

    We have been told that "The monk with the most gravity" is on tonight.  So I presume we have Ajahn Brahm!Be early or miss out tonight.  The doors will close when we reach our room's quota - and reach it we will!!!Meditation & talks will start at 7pm, finish at 8.35.Community Health Building, Armadale Hospital site, Albany Highway, Kelmscott. Full details here: Enquiries: armadale @ bswa.orgSee you there

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  • Why behave?

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 02/11/2015

    Why behave? Having spent a few weeks contemplating what the Buddha meant when he instructed us in Right View and Right Intention, we now turn from the “Pañña” (wisdom) portion of the 8-fold path to “Sīla” or the ethical trainings. While all the aspects of the Buddha’s 8-fold path support and reinforce each other, we investigate the individual steps to help us understand how that happens. Whatever view we hold strongly influences our intentions, which in turn govern how we act in the world. We can also read the situation in reverse order: how we behave can bring light to what our[…]

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  • Tiradhammo's Ramblings 18/10/2015

    Heat, Following the Path, Perceptions and ViewsI am now at Poo Jom Gom, staying in the Nibbana Cave where I resided earlier this year, and already half of my 'Rainy Season Retreat' has concluded. We are currently nine monastics in residence – six monks, one novice and two anagarikas – from seven different countries. The Mekong River at high water. The foreground is Thailand the background Laos.My last few days in Canada were quite eventful, though all proceeded smoothly due to the efforts and support of many people. Ajahn Tawatchai and the monks and supporters of BBM Thai temple in[…]

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  • A New Samaneri “Goes Forth”

    Awakening Truth 11/10/2015

    A New Samaneri “Goes Forth” Our friend Michelle Raymond was part of our extended community for a year and half by attending our retreats and helping us upload talks and maintain the Awakening Truth website before she became an Anagarika with Ayya Tathaaloka and her co – teachers in California.  I share these photos and description with joy. Amma A new Samaneri ‘goes forth’ for the Dhammadharini Nun’s community in California By Ayya Tathaaloka Bhikkhuni All dear Dhamma friends, I am returned to our vihara from a beautiful time under the saffron-gold full moon eclipse in the freshness and tranquility of the Awakening Forest ~[…]

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  • Waldkloster Muttodaya – Wo das Herz still wird

    Theravada Dhamma :: Blog 08/10/2015

      Muttodaya Pilgerreise – Indien 2013 – unter der Leitung von Ajahn Cattamalo.   Copyright © 2012 This feed is for non-commercial use only. Alle Medien auf Theravada Dhamma sind ein Geschenk des dhamma und somit ausschließlich zur kostenlosen Verteilung.- All media on Theravada Dhamma are for free distribution only – as a gift of […]

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  • Karma and Rebirth Workshop I - Myth-busting

    Dhammanet 13/09/2015

    Play List: FeaturedPlease Click "Playlist" tab above to show a complete list of videos in this category.

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  • Ultimate Dhammapada

    Theravadin 10/09/2015

    Ultimate Dhammapada The Theravada Tipitaka Press has recently released a new book in their series of bilingual Pali primers. In case you are unfamiliar with the concept: In South-East Asia traditionally to learn the “sacred” language of the Buddha beginning students would be encouraged to read the Buddha’s words in a text that is interspersed with the original Pali language. This “sentence-by-sentence” bilingual reading style (see image on the right) was considered to prime your mind to really let the source languge, in this case Pali, – its syntax and semantics – sink into the readers mind. Even nowadays, if you happen to[…]

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  • End of Suffering – The Great Bell Chant

    Theravadin 05/09/2015

    End of Suffering – The Great Bell Chant One of the most wonderful spiritual videos that I’ve seen in the last 5 years of awakening, including the deepest universal message of the Creation and the cosmos, A balsam for the connected human soul with wonderful visions of Mother Earth. Gaia is happy again with us, the humans who are lifting the energies of our living planet to universal levels. God bless the maker of this great video. I shared it everywhere I could. Thank you brothers and sisters. God-Speed. Peace on Earth. Love Light Life. Unconditional Love Reigns. May the Sound of this Bell Penetrate deep into the[…]

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  • Zhiyi and Bodhidharma

    Theravadin 05/09/2015

    There is a beautiful translation of the Mohechikuang available. The translation was done by Bhikkhu Dhammapala who was also working on the Gandhara texts some time. In case you don’t know who Zhiyi was, here a little Buddhist history: A contemporary of Bodhidharma (the Indian monk who founded Chan/ZEN in China) Zhiyi was a Chinese monk who practice samatha-vipassana, in the very spirit of the Tipitaka, well, in accordance with the Prakrit-Sanskrit-Chinese translation of the same. He went into the mountains and practiced with some friends for years and then wrote a couple of books on proper samatha-vipassana meditation still kept in[…]

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  • Walking towards freedom

    Theravadin 04/09/2015

    Here is a very beautiful description by the Buddha on the progressive stages a meditator goes through until he realizes Nirvana. It sheds some additional light on the progress of insight meditation which the later commentary literature called “insight-knowledges” or “vipassana nyana”. It is not easy to spot these gems in the suttas (discourses of the Buddha) because you do have to know what you are looking at. Without further ado, vipassana nyana’s in the words of the Buddha: Udayi, there are four persons evident in the world. What are the four? Udayi, a certain person falls to the method of dispelling[…]

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  • End of Rains Ceremony (Kathina)

    Santi Forest Monastery 18/08/2015

    We are happy to inform you that this year Santi Forest Monastery shall be hosting a traditional Kathina Ceremony on the 22nd of November. There will be Bhikkhus, Bhikkhunis and Samaneris (some visiting and some resident). Kathina at Santi Arrival, welcoming and dana offering 9:30 am    Suggested arrival 9:45 am    Drinks 10:00 am  Short tour and food preparation 10:30 am  Rice piandapat 11:00 am  Short welcome and blesssing 11:15 am  Sangha receiving offerings of food; lay followers invited to the upstairs Shrine-Room for blessings from the Sangha 11:30am   Lay followers invited to eat (downstairs or garden) Clean-up,[…]

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  • 14th Sakyadhita Conference in Indonesia

    Santi Forest Monastery 18/08/2015

    The topic was Compassion and Social Justice.  All of Santi nuns attended.  Following are the links: The website for Sakyadhita is    

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  • First Theravada Ordination of Bhikkhunis in Indonesia After a Thousand Years

    Santi Forest Monastery 17/08/2015

    First Theravada Ordination of Bhikkhunis in Indonesia After a Thousand Years The historic ordination was held at Wisma Kusalayani in Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia. Venerable Ayya ​​Santini Theri, added that there were nine samaneris who underwent ordination, two of whom are from Indonesia and the other seven are from overseas. They were the bhikkhunis Vajiradevi Sadhika Bhikkhuni from Indonesia, Medha Bhikkhuni from Sri Lanka, Anula Bhikkhuni from Japan, Santasukha Santamana Bhikkhuni from Vietnam, Sukhi Bhikkhuni and Sumangala Bhikkhuni from Malaysia, and Jenti Bhikkhuni from Australia. Bhikkhunis Jenti and Sukhi are residents of Santi Forest Monastery in Bundanoon NSW. However, Ven.Sukhi is spending this Vassa in Newbury Buddhist Monastery in VIC. The ordination[…]

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  • The Imaginariums of the Nuns: Days That Are Past and Futures That May Yet Be

    Sujato’s Blog 10/08/2015

    The Imaginariums of the Nuns: Days That Are Past and Futures That May Yet Be Here’s the paper I presented at the recent Sakyadhita conference in Yogyakarta. It may be the last piece of writing I publish for a while, so enjoy. Nuns exist only in the imagination. When I close my eyes, and focus on what is real, there are no nuns there. Nor, for that matter, are there any monks, or lay people, or anyone else. So if we are to talk about any of these kinds of people, we are telling a story—a story that has some relation to fact, we hope, but where the facts are filled in with copious amounts[…]

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  • Sujato in Europe

    Sujato’s Blog 10/08/2015

    Sujato in Europe Just a reminder: I’m disappearing off to Taiwan, but I’ll be in Europe later in the year. You can follow details here: And here’s where I’m teaching: Oct. 30 – Nov. 08    Zell am See / Salzburg / Austria (booked full) Nov. 10 – Nov. 11   BGH / Hamburg / Germany Nov. 13 – Nov. 15   Jhana Retreat / Italy Nov. 19 – Nov. 22   Le Refuge / France Nov. 25 – Nov. 29   Theravada PL / Poland Dec. 01 – Dec. 03    Muttodaya Forest Monastery / Germany Dec. 03 – Dec. 06    Saarland / Germany Dec. 08 – Dec. 19 […]

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  • Tiradhammo's Ramblings 04/08/2015

    August 2015Greetings from very dry and warm British Columbia, Canada.I arrived in Canada on July 1st, which happens to be Canada Day. I departed from Auckland, New Zealand at 8pm on July 1stand arrived at my sister's house in central British Columbia at 9:30 pm on July 1stafter nearly 20 hours of travel (figure that out!)My three and a half months in Australia and ten days in New Zealand passed extremely quickly, I think more due to having a wide variety of experiences than to merely 'having fun'. After my initial ten days at Wat Buddha Dhamma the community began[…]

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  • Vassa Schedule (Rains Retreat)

    Santi Forest Monastery 28/07/2015

    Vassa commences on Thursday 30th July. Morning Meditation 5am – 5.15am Chanting (All to participate) 5.15am – 6.30am – Sitting (All to participate). (Person on breakfast preparation will leave at 6am) 6.30am Breakfast for Sangha 6.45am Breakfast for lay residents 7.10am Breakfast clean-up 7.30am Finish Breakfast clean-up 8am – 11am – Sit and Walk Dana Preparation 9am Commence dana prep, if NO left-overs to be used 10am Commence dana prep, if left-overs to be used 11am Lunch dana for Nuns 11.30am After chanting blessing for food offering, lay residents to commence lunch Please notify someone if you are not intending[…]

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