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Noticias budistas recopiladas de diversos sitios. Nota: Bosque Theravada no es autor de estas noticias. Se muestran aquí para facilitar la consulta. Las noticias mostradas se obtienen automáticamente mediante RSS. Si quieres que se muestren las noticias de otro sitio o quieres informar de contenido inapropiado, envía un correo electrónico a Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla

  • A Buddhist Reflection on Consciousness

    Buddha Space 16/09/2014

    “From the cessation of name-and-form comes the cessation of consciousness, from the cessation of consciousness comes the cessation of name-and-form.” (Venerable Sariputta, Nalakalapiyo Sutta, Samyutta Nikaya 12:67, Tipitaka)  Sometimes, modern spiritual teachers claim that consciousness is it, that is to say that our true identity that lies behind all experience is consciousness, and that this is somehow eternal and separate from the world. In a world where traditional ideas of God & soul are falling at the sword of empirical science, times can seem rather bleak. What’s the point in it all if there’s no God to welcome our eternal[…]

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  • Bank Account error on Santi brochure

    Santi Forest Monastery 12/09/2014

    We recently discovered that there is a single digit missing in the Santi General Bank Account number on our new Santi brochures meaning the number is incorrect. We are pasting a corrected sticker over the old details. The correct bank details are also available on our donations page.

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  • Amor bondadoso para ti también

    AppamādaNet 12/09/2014

    Amor bondadoso para ti también Por Sharon Salzberg – «No confío en las personas que no se aman a sí mismas y todavía me dicen “te amo”. Hay un proverbio africano que dice: “Ten cuidado cuando una persona desnuda te ofrece una camisa.”» –Maya Angelou En la enseñanza budista clásica, la práctica del amor bondadoso comienza extendiendo amor y compasión hacia uno mismo. Con una idea de la espiritualidad como autonegación, autojuzgamiento o, incluso, automortificación, esto parece muy extraño. Sin duda, a mí me pareció extraño. Leer más

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  • Bhante Sujiva – Last Kuala Lumpur Dhamma talks

    Theravada Dhamma :: Blog 12/09/2014

    We just received the following email from Giancarlo: I’m glad to link for all of you two very interesting dhamma talks given by Bhante Sujiva in Kuala Lumpur during his last journey in Malaysia this August/September. Sunday 31th august 2014. Classical & functional vipassana Friday 5th september. Integrative vipassana   More dhamma talks of Bhante […]

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  • The Verses of the Senior Monks: an approachable translation of the Theragatha

    Sujato’s Blog 09/09/2014

    The Verses of the Senior Monks: an approachable translation of the Theragatha This article is to introduce a new SuttaCentral English translation of the Theragāthā, the classic Pali collection of verses by early Buddhist monks. The work consists of 1289 verses, collected according to the monk with whom they were traditionally associated. These poems speak from the personal experience of monks living in or near the time of the Buddha. More than any other text we find here a range of voices expressing the fears, inspirations, struggles, and triumphs of the spiritual search. Read the Theragatha on SuttaCentral I have chosen to release the text under Creative Commons Zero, which effectively dedicates[…]

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  • Buddha on Attentiveness & Awakening

    Buddha Space 07/09/2014

    Subhuti asked, “How can the practitioner who wishes to help all beings find enlightenment awaken the complete and perfect wisdom?”Buddha said, “This most subtle awakening comes about through moment-to-moment attentiveness. By way of attentiveness, there is attainment to the ways in which things manifest, such as form and consciousness. The practitioner awakens to perfect wisdom by becoming blissfully free from obsessions with habits, names, sense experiences, personal feelings, and with dread of dying and all despair that goes with it.“Free to experience all the rising of manifestation and its interdependent functioning without believing it to be the final reality, the[…]

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  • Video de presentación del Diplomado en Buddhismo (DEB)


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  • On the passing of Bhante Santitthito

    Sujato’s Blog 30/08/2014

    On the passing of Bhante Santitthito Bhante Santitthito at Santi Monastery Dear friends, This is to let you know that one of our dear Sangha friends in Sydney, Bhante Santitthito, has passed away. Bhante Santi has been a friend and mentor of mine for the past ten years or so, since I arrived in Sydney. He was one of those monks who lives quietly and simply, and who inspires by their presence as much as anything else. I remember him for his warmth, and his big, big heart. I don’t know too much about his history—so please feel free to correct me or to add your[…]

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  • Buddha on Fame & Fortune

    Buddha Space 26/08/2014

    "A fatal thing, monks, are gains, favors and fame, a bitter, harsh impediment to the attainment of the unsurpassed freedom from bondage. It is just like a beetle, feeding on dung, full of dung, gorged with dung, standing before a great dung-hill, who might despise other beetles, saying: 'I am a dung-eater, full of dung, gorged with dung, and before me is this great dung-hill!'  "In the same way, monks, if some monk is overwhelmed with gains, favors and fame so that his head is turned, so, having risen early and taken his robe and bowl and gone for alms[…]

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  • Riches

    Sujato’s Blog 21/08/2014

    Riches Earth Water Air Fire Friends Why do we keep on wanting so much, when the important things are right here?

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  • Does a Dog Have Buddha-Nature?

    Buddha Space 16/08/2014

    “Does a dog have Buddha-nature?”“No.” Being a dog lover and having had three dogs over the years, one of which still lives, the above dialogue involving Zen master Zhaozhou* seems really important. Interacting with dogs, looking into their eyes, doesn’t it seem obvious that Zhouzhou’s answer must be wrong? After all, it’s a basic tenet of Buddhism that all sentient beings have the capacity to realize nirvana. In other words, they all possess buddha-nature. And then there’s that look in my dog’s eyes; a look of indicating a certain level of insight, an ability to understand what passes between us. It[…]

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  • Buddha on Assuming a Self

    Buddha Space 07/08/2014

    "To what extent, Ananda, does one assume when assuming a self? Assuming feeling to be the self, one assumes that 'Feeling is my self' or 'Feeling is not my self: My self is oblivious to feeling' or 'Neither is feeling my self, nor is my self oblivious to feeling, but rather my self feels, in that my self is subject to feeling.'"Now, one who says, 'Feeling is my self,' should be addressed as follows: 'There are these three feelings, my friend — feelings of pleasure, feelings of pain, and feelings of neither pleasure nor pain. Which of these three feelings[…]

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  • Mindfulness is what it is

    Sujato’s Blog 07/08/2014

    Mindfulness is what it is There was a new article on the Guardian about mindfulness today. Mindfulness is all about self-help. It does nothing to change an unjust world. Which makes the point that mindfulness is not the complete solution to all the world’s problems. It’s a promising area of research; here’s a few other related critiques. Hairdressing is all about hair. It does nothing to change an unjust world. Curing cancer is all about medicine. It does nothing to change an unjust world. Going to Mars is all about space travel. It does nothing to change an unjust world. I’m beginning to see a[…]

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  • A call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousness

    Sujato’s Blog 06/08/2014

    A call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousness An extensive list of research and academics has issued a call for a more serious study of consciousness, including “fringe” aspects of psy research that are often dismissed by mainstream researchers.

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  • Loving Kindness

    Dhammanet 05/08/2014

    Play List: FeaturedPlease Click "Playlist" tab above to show a complete list of videos in this category.

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  • Loving Kindness

    Dhammanet 05/08/2014

    Loving Kindness Listen:  2014_06_14_Bhante_Sujato_ParamattaTalk.mp3Description: A short talk by Bhante Sujato on Loving Kindness (Metta).

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  • Recibamos al nuevo día con una sonrisa y concienciación

    AppamādaNet 23/07/2014

    Recibamos al nuevo día con una sonrisa y concienciación Por Phra Paisal Visalo – Al despertarnos a un nuevo día, debemos darnos cuenta de lo afortunados que somos al tener este día de hoy. Muchos de nuestros semejantes se fueron a dormir anoche y nunca despertaron. Ayer fue su último día en la tierra. Nosotros también podríamos haber dejado el mundo como ellos si no hubiera sido por una serie de factores que hacen que hoy estemos vivos. Por eso debemos dar la bienvenida al nuevo día como un precioso don. Recibámoslo con una sonrisa. No le permitamos a la mente estar triste o deprimida. No exijamos nada del[…]

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  • Diplomado en Buddhismo (DEB)


    Buddhismo Theravada Hispano se complace en anuncia el Diplomado en Buddhismo (DEB) que será impartido por el Instituto de Estudios Buddhistas Hispano (IEBH) y el International Institute of Buddhist Studies (IIBS). Más información en la página del IEBH.  leer más

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  • Enséñame Buddhismo - Libro Ilustrado para Niños


    Enséñame Buddhismo - Libro Ilustrado para Niños Buddhismo Theravada Hispano se complace en anunciar la publicación electrónica del libro ilustrado para niños Enséñame Buddhismo por Asoka Ganhewa, Souksomboun Sayasithsena y Margaret Lisa Buschmann. Un agradecimiento especial para Julian Maccarini quien realizó la traducción española y a Alina Morales Troncoso quien estuvo a cargo de la edición de la traducción. El libro está actualmente disponible en la página de Buddhispano.  leer más

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  • Evil Creatures

    Dhammanet 13/07/2014

    Evil Creatures Listen:  2014_06_13_Bhante_Sujato_Farshore.mp3Description: Mythical creatures of Buddhist lore... Bhante Sujato

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  • Vassa 2014

    Santi Forest Monastery 01/07/2014

    Vassa 2014 Santi Forest Monastery is preparing for Vassa, the annual Rains Retreat. During this period the community will mainly focus on meditation practice. The Vassa also known as Rains Retreat or Rainy Season is the traditional time when monastics are encouraged by the Buddhist rules of conduct to stay in one place and dedicate themselves to study and meditative contemplation.  During these three months the nuns at Santi will try to limit their external duties to a minimum. You may visit during the day and any meal offerings are greatly appreciated. We, the nuns and lay friends at Santi wish to[…]

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  • Concienciación y poder de juicio

    AppamādaNet 27/06/2014

    Concienciación y poder de juicio Por Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu – A veces oímos que la «concienciación» (mindfulness) es definida como un estado no juzgador de la mente, pero no es así como el Buddha la entendía. A menudo comparaba la concienciación con un guardia en la manera en que nos ayuda a juzgar lo que se debe y lo que no se debe hacer… Leer más

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  • Little Stories of Buddha

    Dhammanet 22/06/2014

    Play List: FarShore2014Please Click "Playlist" tab above to show a complete list of videos in this category.

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  • Little Stories of Buddha

    Dhammanet 22/06/2014

    Little Stories of Buddha Listen:  2014_06_20_Bhante_Sujato_Farshore.mp3Description: Bhante Sujato's final talk before the rains retreat touching on various little stories from the life of Buddha.

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  • Vesak Celebration

    Santi Forest Monastery 21/05/2014

    Vesak Celebration Vesak Celebration Santi Forest Monastery would like to say “Sadhu” to all those you joined us in our celebration of the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbana of the Buddha – Vesak. Etta vata ca amhehi Sambhatam punya sampadam Whatever merits which we have thus acquired Sabbe Satta anumodantu sabba sampatti siddhiya May all beings partake of it. May it contribute greatly to their happiness.        

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