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Noticias budistas

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Noticias budistas
  • Friday Night Speaker - 30th Sep

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 26/09/2016

    Dr Noel Nannup, Nyoongar Elder - "Aboriginal Spirituality"

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  • Retiro de Meditación Vipassana del 28 de Octubre al 1 de Noviembre con J. Lamarlère, en Galapagar

    Asociación Española de Meditación Vipassana 23/09/2016

    En : ” Casa  de  Espiritualidad  Santa  Maria  (Javieranas) ” ,  Galapagar ,   MADRID.   Tf :   91  858  44  88                                                                 Días :  del  Viernes  28  de  Octubre  (17h30)  al  Martes  1  de  Noviembre (después de comer).  El Retiro es intensivo y en silencio, los principiantes son bienvenidos. Coordina :  Jérôme  Lamarlère  Psicoterapeuta , en 1.982 viaja a Thailandia donde se inicia a la meditación con Ajahn Buddhadasa, en Suan[…]

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  • Australian Weekend Magazine - Letter to the Editor

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 22/09/2016

    From The President – Drew Bellamy Dear Members, Please see my letter to the editor of the Australian Newspaper Weekend Magazine published 17/09/2016 protesting about stereotyping Buddhists in an article they wrote called ‘ The Eco-Village People’. The article stated ‘Lucie Bruvel and her partner are venturing deeper into a dream most Australians associate with dreadlocks, piercings, Centrelink benefits and Buddhist Prayer flags’. I’m sure the journalist had no malice but I felt it was still worth pointing out her incorrect stereotype.************************************************************************************************************LETTER TO THE EDITOR"Eco-Village people" mentions " dreadlocks, piercings, Centrelink benefits and Buddhist flags". I protest against this stereotyping of[…]

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  • Bhikkhuni Upasampada Confirmed and Completed by Ajahn Brahm and the Bhikkhu Sangha

    Santi Forest Monastery 22/09/2016

    Bhikkhuni Upasampada Confirmed and Completed by Ajahn Brahm and the Bhikkhu Sangha The three Bhikkhunis who had been “Ordained on One Side” by the Bhikkhuni Sangha earlier this month, presented themselves to the Bhikkhu Sangha headed by Ajahn Brahmavamso at Bodhinyana Monastery on Sunday 18th of September for confirmation and completion of the ordination process. Ayya Vajira, Ayya Dhammavati and Ayya Santacari received ordination from the Bhikkhu Sangha with Ajahn Brahmali acting with Ajahn Brahmavamso as Kammavacacariyas [speakers of the action to ordain]. Bhikkhu Nitho, Bhikkhu Kassapa, Bhikkhu Sunno and Bhikkhu Nibbuto, were the witnessing Bhikkhus, making a Sangha of 6 Bhikkhus to perform the ordination. Five being the minimum number of[…]

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  • Patience with oneself

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 21/09/2016

    Patience with oneself Another aspect of patience that bears considering is being patient with oneself. It is likely that if we are impatient with ourselves we are impatient with others. Perhaps the key to having patience with others is to start with ourselves. After decades of meditation practice, I find that my own imperfections, though somewhat reduced, are more visible than ever. I see with more clarity each time I lose patience with other people, going from zero to one hundred (figuratively) in a heartbeat. Impatience is a member of the dosa family of impulses or patterns of behavior, along with hatred, resentment, anger,[…]

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  • Not-knowing

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 16/09/2016

    Not-knowing Another aspect of patience is the willingness to not know what’s coming. We actually never know what will happen in the future, but we seem to be constitutionally inclined to predict the future and then comment on our predictions immediately after they come true or don’t. In perusing the news I save a lot of time and energy by skipping over headlines that predict the future. Sometimes it seems that half the media noise we get is about what’s expected. Who will win? What will happen with the economy? Blah blah blah. Ironically, I sometimes get impatient when people want to[…]

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  • An on-line course

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 15/09/2016

    An on-line course Dear friends, If you are interested in going more deeply into studying and practicing the Buddha’s teachings and can afford US$240 for a full year of weekly lessons (both written and audio), please investigate Registrations will close on 1st October. If not, sorry to bother you! Lynn

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  • Call for submissions!

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 15/09/2016

    The next edition of the Enlightened Times is under construction and requires your input! If you have any feature articles, poems, book reviews, stories, photographs or anything at all that has something to do with the Buddha, Dhamma or Sangha I want to hear about it! Please send submissions to by 5 October.

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  • 18 septembre - Journée de Zazen

    Buddhachannel 13/09/2016

    18 septembre - Journée de Zazen Journée de zazen Dimanche 18 septembre 2016 Enseignement de Roland Yuno Rech 7 h 30 ouverture des portes8 h zazen, cérémonie, genmai et café11 h zazen13 h repas14 h samu15 h 15 zazen et mondo17 h zazen18 h cérémonie et buffet Frais de participation : 28 €Chômeurs, étudiants : 22 €Le prix de la journée est indépendant de la carte mensuelle. Apportez bol, cuillère et serviette. S'inscrire à l'avance au secrétariat ou sur le site :

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  • 24 septembre - Zen et engagement dans la société

    Buddhachannel 13/09/2016

    24 septembre - Zen et engagement dans la société Conférence avec Michel Dubois Zen et engagement dans la société Samedi 24 septembre 2016 à 14h30 Michel Genko Dubois est un enseignant bouddhiste dans la lignée du Zen Sôtô de Taizan Maezumi Rôshi. Il a reçu en 2007 la transmission du Dharma (shiho) de Genpo Merzel Rôshi et, en 2015, l'Inka (sceau final de la transmission) de Bernie Tetsugen Glassman Rôshi. Il a également étudié avec Maezumi Rôshi et Deshimaru Rôshi, et reçu des enseignements de plusieurs lamas tibétains. Aumônier de prison, il est cofondateur de l'association humanitaire « L'Un Est l'Autre », qui distribue des repas aux personnes en[…]

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  • Tiradhammo's Ramblings 12/09/2016

    September 2016Greetings from Birken Forest Monastery, near Kamloops, British Columbia.After arriving from Australia in early July, and a flurry of family visits, I came to Birken in time to enter the Rainy Season Retreat on July 20th. We are five monastics: three monks -- myself, abbot Ajahn Sona, and Ven. Santacitto, a Canadian ordained in Thailand; a Norwegian novice, Nandaka; and the long-term Thai nun, Sister Mon.The main house with 12 bedrooms, meditation hall, kitchen and eating area.On the one hand, the monastery is situated deep in the wilderness, on a plateau at 1,200 meters elevation, with the nearest permanent[…]

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  • The 1st in our special four-part series on loving-kindness meditation starts Tues 13th Sept

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 12/09/2016

    We are asking people to come to all four sessions if at all possible as each one builds on the previous one. They are at the Community Health Centre in Armadale Hospital 7pm-8.35pm.This is a rare opportunity to practice loving-kindness meditation for four consecutive Tuesday evenings and to build a more positive self-esteem, emotional well-being and happier relationships in the process.Such a course is very rarely available in Western Australia.Loving-kindness meditation has recently attracted a lot of positive attention in the scientific literature. There is mounting evidence that it increases life satisfaction, improves heart health, decreases anxiety and depression, and[…]

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  • More on patience

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 11/09/2016

    More on patience Still thinking about Ajahn Sucitto’s reflections on patience (khanti), there are two points to  add. In a section of the essay called “Recognizing Patience Teachers” Ven. Sucitto says: Living with other people, in families, relationships and communities, can be an occasion for developing patience. This should probably be classified as an understatement. We may feel entirely peaceful in body and mind after a good meditation or (even more) a long retreat, but when we encounter other people, that serenity is likely to be shattered. As Jack Kornfield’s book title has it, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry. It is a particular form of[…]

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  • A vida depois de… deixar o funcionalismo público e virar monja

    Buddhachannel 09/09/2016

    A vida depois de… deixar o funcionalismo público e virar monja Durante 30 anos, a vida da cearense Cris E-Gen era muito parecida com a da maioria dos moradores de Brasília: acordava cedo, vestia uma roupa formal e passava o dia trabalhando dentro de uma repartição pública. Mas, quando o expediente acabava, a rotina dela transformava-se. Cris abdicava do happy hour com os amigos para viver dentro da religião budista. A filosofia passou a dominar todas as esferas da vida da servidora. Ela lia, estudava e se dedicava às atividades da comunidade em Brasília durante todo o tempo livre. Além disso, apesar do bom salário do Senado, Cris não tem nenhum[…]

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  • Le dalaï lama attendu à Strasbourg la semaine prochaine

    Buddhachannel 09/09/2016

    Le dalaï lama attendu à Strasbourg la semaine prochaine Chef spirituel des Tibétains, le dalaï lama est attendu la semaine prochaine à Paris et Strasbourg, sa première visite depuis cinq ans en France, où aucune rencontre officielle avec des responsables gouvernementaux n'est prévue, sous l'oeil suspicieux de Pékin. Enseignements, conférences, rencontres... Le dignitaire bouddhiste, prix Nobel de la Paix 1989, multiplie les déplacements loin de sa résidence indienne de Dharamsala, et plus encore depuis qu'il a renoncé en mars 2011 à toute responsabilité politique sur les Tibétains en exil. « Ses programmes sont toujours d'une grande densité », souligne le moine bouddhiste français Matthieu Ricard, qui voit Tenzin Gyatso,[…]

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  • Dalai Lama: “Soy un admirador de la Madre Teresa”

    Buddhachannel 09/09/2016

    Dalai Lama: “Soy un admirador de la Madre Teresa” El jefe del budismo tibetano envió una carta a la superiora general de las Misioneras de la Caridad, hermana Mary Prema, en la que el Dalai Lama expresó todo su aprecio por la santa de Calcuta y con motivo de su canonización. El jefe del budismo tibetano se define como un “admirador” de la Madre Teresa a la que encontró por primera vez en Oxford en 1988 y la reconoció como una “persona ejemplar”. En la carta –difundida por la agencia AsiaNews- el líder del budismo expresa: “Estoy feliz por este reconocimiento en cuanto admirador de su celoso servicio en[…]

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  • First Bhikkhunī Upasampada for Santi and for NSW

    Santi Forest Monastery 07/09/2016

    First Bhikkhunī Upasampada for Santi and for NSW Bhikkhunīs gathered together last Sunday, 4th September 2016 to enact the first Bhikkhunī Upasampada Higher Ordination in NSW l-t-r Ayya Karunasitala, Ayya Hasapanna, Chi Kwang Sunim, Bom Hyon Sunim, Ayya Viditadhamma, Ayya Santacari, Ayya Yasala, Ayya Nirodha, Ayya Dhammavati, Ayya Upekkha, Ayya Vajira, Ayya Sudhira, Ayya Dhammadinna For this very special day, seven Theravadā Bhikkhunīs gathered together to enact this “Sangha Kamma” or community action. Senior Theravada Bhikkhunī Viditadhamma [Ven Lieu Phap] from Vietnam graced us with her grounded presence and kindly undertook the role of Preceptor or Pavattinī. Two very senior Australian Mahayana Bhikkhunīs came to witness the ceremony and were invited to join the Theravadā Bhikkhunīs[…]

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  • Patience

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 06/09/2016

    Patience (Apologies to subscribers for the repeat. It is due to my imperfect technological skills.) From “Bearing with Life: Khanti Pāramī” by Ajahn Sucitto: The Buddha famously declared khanti (patience) to be the supreme purification practice….The mind/heart (citta) habitually creates suffering and stress through reacting to, holding onto or getting caught up with what life throws at us….the specific quality of patience is to carry the heart through the turbulence of existence so that it no longer shakes, sinks or lashes out. We often hear people say, “I have no patience” or “If only I had more patience”, as if this were an unalterable component of our[…]

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  • Accessing Dhammasara, Jhana Grove, Bodhinaya websites

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 02/09/2016

    Hi everyoneWe recently upgraded our website hosting, but unfortunately it hasn't gone as smoothly as we were hoping. While we work to fix the problem, please use the following website addresses:Jhana Grove

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  • Curso-Taller de Abhidhamma. Agosto a noviembre de 2016


    Curso-Taller de Abhidhamma. Agosto a noviembre de 2016 El Instituto de Estudios Buddhistas Hispano y el Instituto Mexicano de Psicoanálisis te invitan a participar en el curso-taller de Abhidhamma que comienza el viernes 5 de agosto 2016. Más información. leer más

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  • Santi Forest Monastery 03/08/2016

    Invitation to the first Bhikkhuni Ordination (Upasampada) at Santi Forest Monastery on Sunday, 4th September 2016 at 2:00 pm We are happy to announce the first Higher Ordination for Novice-Nuns (Samaneris) at Santi – fully supported by our Spiritual Director Ven. Ajahn Brahmavamso. Weather permitting, the ceremony will take place inside our Big Cave, alternatively at the main building (Vihara) in our upstairs shrine room. Dana will be offered at 11:00 am – All are welcome! Due to the Vassa period (Rains Retreat) the confirmation by the Bhikkhu Sangha of Bodhinyana Forest Monastery in Serpentine, near Perth, will take place[…]

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  • Changing Ground

    Awakening Truth 08/07/2016

    Changing Ground By Amma Thanasanti   As meditation practitioners, we are encouraged to notice change, contemplate it regularly, and make friends with it. Certainly, when things that we don’t want change, we are happy. We feel gladness not having something irksome continue. We rejoice and we share in each other’s gladness. We experience loss when we are faced with letting go of what we love and cherish, hold dear to our hearts. As friends and community, we can support each other as we process grief and sadness and attend to the myriad of other feelings and logistical considerations that accompany loss and[…]

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  • Tiradhammo's Ramblings 15/06/2016

    June 2016Greetings from Dhammagiri Monastery, near Brisbane, Australia.I arrived here on May 31stafter spending a few days with John and Hanna in the Tweed Valley, northern NSW. A small but very interested group of people participated in a day workshop on May 28 and a slightly larger group attended the Monday evening meditation.View eastwards from Lammington National Park, Queensland.I had an exceptionally beneficial two and a half month stay at Wat Buddha Dhamma. As many people recognize, everyone's temperament is unique. And while it can be very useful when we are young to stretch ourselves beyond our personal boundaries, as we[…]

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  • Vesak 2016/2559

    AppamādaNet 23/05/2016

    Vesak 2016/2559 «Nuestras mentes son moldeadas por lo que admiramos. No podemos evitarlo, comenzamos a pensar como nuestros héroes, sea éste un héroe de fútbol, una estrella de la canción o un activista humanitario. El correcto refugio budista está simplemente constituido por objetos cada vez más elevados para nuestra capacidad de admiración. A medida que crece, nuestra admiración por objetos menores disminuirá con facilidad; esta es la evolución natural y orgánica de la conciencia, una elevación sin esfuerzo.» –Domo Geshe Rinpoche

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  • Retiro de Meditación Vipassana del 2 al 11 de Diciembre, con Ajahn Abhinando y J. Lamarlère, en Aldeaduero

    Asociación Española de Meditación Vipassana 13/05/2016

    En: “Aldeaduero”, Parque Natural de los Arribes del Duero, Salamanca. Para más información sobre el lugar :            Del  Viernes  2  (17 h)  al  Domingo  11  de  Diciembre  (después de comer).    El Retiro es intensivo y en silencio.    Los principiantes son bienvenidos. Coordinan :  Ajahn  Abhinando , nacido  en  Alemania , fué  ordenado  en  1.994  por  Ajahn  Sumedho  de  la  Forest  Sangha  Tradition  de  Ajahn  Chah.  Tras  más  de  20  años  de  vida  monástica , reside  en  Aruna  Ratanagiri  (Reino Unido) , donde  dirige  retiros  así  como  en  España, Italia, Serbia, Roumania, …[…]

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