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  • End of Suffering – The Great Bell Chant

    Theravadin 04/09/2015

    End of Suffering – The Great Bell Chant One of the most wonderful spiritual videos that I’ve seen in the last 5 years of awakening, including the deepest universal message of the Creation and the cosmos, A balsam for the connected human soul with wonderful visions of Mother Earth. Gaia is happy again with us, the humans who are lifting the energies of our living planet to universal levels. God bless the maker of this great video. I shared it everywhere I could. Thank you brothers and sisters. God-Speed. Peace on Earth. Love Light Life. Unconditional Love Reigns. May the Sound of this Bell Penetrate deep into the[…]

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  • Walking towards freedom

    Theravadin 04/09/2015

    Here is a very beautiful description by the Buddha on the progressive stages a meditator goes through until he realizes Nirvana. It sheds some additional light on the progress of insight meditation which the later commentary literature called “insight-knowledges” or “vipassana nyana”. It is not easy to spot these gems in the suttas (discourses of the Buddha) because you do have to know what you are looking at. Without further ado, vipassana nyana’s in the words of the Buddha: Udayi, there are four persons evident in the world. What are the four? Udayi, a certain person falls to the method of dispelling[…]

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  • Du 25 Oct au 1 Nov - Retraite danse, voix et méditation

    Buddhachannel 04/09/2015

    Du 25 Oct au 1 Nov - Retraite danse, voix et méditation Cette semaine de yoga et de méditation est un moment de détente et d'introspection pour enrichir le corps et l'esprit, véritable pause dans le stress de nos vies occupées. La retraite est adaptée aux pratiquants de yoga avancés aussi bien que les relativement novices. L'expérience de la méditation n'est pas nécessaire. Au cours de cette retraite, nous expérimentons le yoga et la méditation comme une expression directe de notre nature éveillée. Nous commençons où nous en sommes et avec ce que nous avons. Avec appréciation, nous explorons notre sensation d'être dans le corps, l'esprit et le coeur. Avec pleine conscience[…]

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  • Zazen et enseignements tous les dimanches soir au Dojo zen de La Montagne Sans Sommet.

    Buddhachannel 03/09/2015

    Zazen et enseignements tous les dimanches soir au Dojo zen de La Montagne Sans Sommet. Le dojo Zen sôtô "La Montagne Sans Sommet" vous informe que la pratique de la méditation reprendra le dimanche 6 septembre à 19H00 (merci d'arriver 15 minutes en avance) Dojo Saint Ambroise 6 rue de la Folie Méricourt 75011 PARIS Métro Saint Ambroise ou Métro Voltaire (Vélib Voltaire - bus 46/56/61/69 ou 96) Le dojo est ouvert à tous, librement. Une participation de 5 euros est suggérée pour partager aux frais, mais chacun donne selon ses possibilités. L'enseignement est dispensé par le Maître Zen Federico Dainin Jôkô Hôjo. La sangha de La Montagne Sans Sommet est une sangha zen de[…]

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  • Dans le miroir de la mort avec Kirsten DeLeo⎟5 - 8 novembre 2015

    Buddhachannel 03/09/2015

    Dans le miroir de la mort avec Kirsten DeLeo⎟5 - 8 novembre 2015 Cette retraite est une opportunité d'explorer le sens profond de la vie et de la mort à travers la sagesse pratique et l'inspiration sacrée de la tradition bouddhiste tibétaine. Inspirée par Le livre tibétain de la vie et de la mort de Sogyal Rinpoché, Kirsten DeLeo partagera les enseignements essentiels les plus pertinents pour notre monde actuel. Le message universel de ces enseignements parle aux personnes de tous horizons. Ils nous montrent comment nous pouvons affronter l'incertitude et le changement, transformer les difficultés et la peur, nous préparer à la mort et soutenir les autres pour mourir dans la dignité.[…]

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  • Koun Yamada on Joshu's Dog

    Buddha Space 26/08/2015

    Koun Yamada on Joshu's Dog Yamada Koun (山田 耕雲, 1907—1989): Mu!The story is as you read it: Once a monk asked Joshu, “Does a dog have buddha nature?” Joshu answered, “Mu!” The Chinese character means “nothing,” or “”nonbeing,” or “to have nothing.” Therefore, if we take this answer literally, it means, “No, a dog does not have buddha nature.”But that is not right. Why not? Because Shakyamuni Buddha declared that all living beings have buddha nature. According to the sutras, when Shakyamuni Buddha attained his great enlightenment, he was astonished by the magnificence of the essential universe and, quite beside himself, exclaimed, “All living beings[…]

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  • Upaya: Skilfull Means

    Buddha Space 20/08/2015

    Upaya, ‘skilful mean’s or ‘expedient means,’ is a fundamental aspect of the Buddhadharma (Buddhist teachings).  Whatever teachings exist, they are skilful means to use in our awakening to the Dharma (‘the-way-things-are’). In addition, whatever practices are used, they can be applied in a skilful way to inspire & support our awakening.Sometimes, Buddhists can cling (upadana) to the Buddhadharma just as fundamentalists that are Christian, Muslim, atheist or whatever may also do with their deeply-cherished beliefs. Seeing Buddhist scripture in the same way as a fundamentalist Christian views the Bible is not the purpose of the Buddhadharma. In truth, it is[…]

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  • End of Rains Ceremony (Katina)

    Santi Forest Monastery 18/08/2015

    The ‘End of Rains Ceremony’ will be held at Santi on Sunday 22nd of November.  Traditionally an official Katina Ceremony can only be held with a minimum of four Bhikkhunis in residence for the Vassa.  This year at Santi there were two Bhikkhunis, two Samaneris and lay people staying, hence we can only call it ‘End of Rains Ceremony’. One Bhikkhuni from Santi spent the Vassa at Newbury Buddhist Monastery in Victoria and will return after Vassa. Bhikkhuni Adhimutta spent the Vassa in New Zealand and furthering her practice in Asia afterwards. Key features: Orientation activities – 9.40-10.40 am  […]

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  • 14th Sakyadhita Conference in Indonesia

    Santi Forest Monastery 18/08/2015

    The topic was Compassion and Social Justice.  All of Santi nuns attended.  Following are the links: The website for Sakyadhita is    

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  • First Theravada Ordination of Bhikkhunis in Indonesia After a Thousand Years

    Santi Forest Monastery 17/08/2015

    First Theravada Ordination of Bhikkhunis in Indonesia After a Thousand Years The historic ordination was held at Wisma Kusalayani in Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia. Venerable Ayya ​​Santini Theri, added that there were nine samaneris who underwent ordination, two of whom are from Indonesia and the other seven are from overseas. They were the bhikkhunis Vajiradevi Sadhika Bhikkhuni from Indonesia, Medha Bhikkhuni from Sri Lanka, Anula Bhikkhuni from Japan, Santasukha Santamana Bhikkhuni from Vietnam, Sukhi Bhikkhuni and Sumangala Bhikkhuni from Malaysia, and Jenti Bhikkhuni from Australia. Bhikkhunis Jenti and Sukhi are residents of Santi Forest Monastery in Bundanoon NSW. However, Ven.Sukhi is spending this Vassa in Newbury Buddhist Monastery in VIC. The ordination[…]

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  • The Imaginariums of the Nuns: Days That Are Past and Futures That May Yet Be

    Sujato’s Blog 10/08/2015

    The Imaginariums of the Nuns: Days That Are Past and Futures That May Yet Be Here’s the paper I presented at the recent Sakyadhita conference in Yogyakarta. It may be the last piece of writing I publish for a while, so enjoy. Nuns exist only in the imagination. When I close my eyes, and focus on what is real, there are no nuns there. Nor, for that matter, are there any monks, or lay people, or anyone else. So if we are to talk about any of these kinds of people, we are telling a story—a story that has some relation to fact, we hope, but where the facts are filled in with copious amounts[…]

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  • Sujato in Europe

    Sujato’s Blog 10/08/2015

    Sujato in Europe Just a reminder: I’m disappearing off to Taiwan, but I’ll be in Europe later in the year. You can follow details here: And here’s where I’m teaching: Oct. 30 – Nov. 08    Zell am See / Salzburg / Austria (booked full) Nov. 10 – Nov. 11   BGH / Hamburg / Germany Nov. 13 – Nov. 15   Jhana Retreat / Italy Nov. 19 – Nov. 22   Le Refuge / France Nov. 25 – Nov. 29   Theravada PL / Poland Dec. 01 – Dec. 03    Muttodaya Forest Monastery / Germany Dec. 03 – Dec. 06    Saarland / Germany Dec. 08 – Dec. 19 […]

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  • Ajahn Munindo on Judgement-Free Awareness

    Buddha Space 06/08/2015

    Ajahn Munindo on Judgement-Free Awareness Ajahn Munindo (1951-present): Mr. FreedomThere is a church in the middle of Newcastle that has painted on the front doors, ‘Hate all Evil. Love all Good.’ If you were brought up with that sort of conditioning, as many of us were, you will inevitably have been led to this inwardly divided state. According to this teaching – which I am sure is entirely contrary to the Way of Jesus – God loves good and hates evil. The good ones he embraces and takes up to heaven where they have a good time forever, and the bad ones he chucks into[…]

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  • Vassa Schedule (Rains Retreat)

    Santi Forest Monastery 28/07/2015

    Vassa commences on Thursday 30th July. Morning Meditation 5am – 5.15am Chanting (All to participate) 5.15am – 6.30am – Sitting (All to participate). (Person on breakfast preparation will leave at 6am) 6.30am Breakfast for Sangha 6.45am Breakfast for lay residents 7.10am Breakfast clean-up 7.30am Finish Breakfast clean-up 8am – 11am – Sit and Walk Dana Preparation 9am Commence dana prep, if NO left-overs to be used 10am Commence dana prep, if left-overs to be used 11am Lunch dana for Nuns 11.30am After chanting blessing for food offering, lay residents to commence lunch Please notify someone if you are not intending[…]

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  • Red Pine on the Three levels of Wisdom

    Buddha Space 28/07/2015

    Red Pine on the Three levels of Wisdom Red Pine (1943-present): Mr. PrajnaBuddhists distinguish three levels of prajna, or wisdom. The first level is mundane wisdom, which views what is impermanent as permanent, what is impure as pure, and what has no self as having a self. This form of wisdom is common to the beings of every world, and despite its erroneous nature, it is by this means that most beings live out their lives.The second level of prajna is metaphysical wisdom, which views what appears to be permanent as impermanent, what appears to be pure as impure, and what appears to have a self as having[…]

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  • Dhammapada Reflection #4

    Buddha Space 17/07/2015

    Dhammapada, Verses 9 & 10:Whoever being depraved,Devoid of self-controlAnd truthfulness,Dons the yellow robe,He is surely not worthy of it.But, whoever is purged of depravity,Well-established in virtuesAnd filled with self-controlAnd truthfulness,He is indeed worthy of the yellow robe.There are many fine Buddhist monks around; I should know as I’ve met quite a number of them over the past quarter of a century. There are monks devoted to meditation, to serving their communities, to studying & sharing the Buddhadharma, and generally leading their communities to behave with wisdom and compassion. Unfortunately, this isn’t the whole story. Across the Buddhist world there are[…]

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  • Presentación de «Dhammapada: La esencia de la sabiduría budista»

    AppamādaNet 15/07/2015

    Presentación de «Dhammapada: La esencia de la sabiduría budista» Fundación Bodhiyāna – Presentación del libro Dhammapada: la esencia de la sabiduría budista, traducido por Carmen Dragonetti y Fernando Tola, con disertación del Ven. Bhikṣu Zhihan. Este jueves 16 de julio a las 18:00 hs. en Editorial Kier, Av. Santa Fe 1260, CABA. Más info Conferencia: La importancia de la Tradición Monástica desde una perspectiva budista y Sanación mediante la práctica de la Meditación de Mettā. Jueves 30 de julio a las 18:30 hs., Escuela de Estudios Orientales, Universidad del Salvador, Rodríguez Peña 670, CABA. Más info Más info: Fundación Bodhiyāna,,

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  • Girl Rising

    Sujato’s Blog 28/06/2015

    Girl Rising FILM SCREENING | INSPIRING TALKS | FOOD & MUSIC AUG 8 | SATURDAY 6–9pm | GLEBE TOWN HALL Ayya Yeshe’s Bodhicitta Foundation educates girls and empowers women, so as to better the lives of females living in poverty and oppression, but also to advocate for their rights in the society they live in. Bodhicitta Foundation invites you to participate in this noble cause and to discover your own empowerment in the society that you live in. Find out more Join us in a night of charity and inspiration. – Watch the profound film “GIRL RISING” – Hear from notable guest[…]

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  • Faces of meditation

    Sujato’s Blog 14/06/2015

    Faces of meditation Have you ever tried doing a Google image search for “meditation”? It’s a somewhat depressing experience. Apparently meditators are young, slim, pretty, white, and only meditate on mountaintops and beaches. And what’s with all the silhouettes? Wouldn’t it be nice if images of meditators looked like actual meditators? And so, announcing my latest grand venture: #facesofmeditation! We took some photos at a recent meditation group—with permission of course—and I’ve uploaded them to twitter. If you’ve got any #facesofmeditation to share, let’s see them.

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  • New Kwan Yin statue arrived

    Santi Forest Monastery 12/06/2015

    New Kwan Yin statue arrived We are happy and privileged to have received a magnificent big marble Kwan Yin statue, carved in Vietnam, on Saturday, 6th June 2015, which resides in front of our big cave. Kwan Yin, a bodhisattva of compassion, is a timely reminder of forgiveness, love and compassion to everyone. We are very grateful to our Vietnamese donors and supporters and we thank Gia Hieu, Tam Ngan, and our reliable builder Patrick for the perfect handling. For a video of the installation of the statue, click here.         

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  • Dhammathreads - Season I

    Dhammanet 01/06/2015

    Play List: FeaturedPlease Click "Playlist" tab above to show a complete list of videos in this category.

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  • 18 razones con base científica para probar la meditación de benevolencia hoy mismo

    AppamādaNet 27/05/2015

    18 razones con base científica para probar la meditación de benevolencia hoy mismo Por Emma Seppälä – Muchos de nosotros hemos oído hablar sobre los beneficios de la meditación. Incluso es posible que hayamos intentado meditar un par de veces. Y muchos lo encontraremos difícil y llegaremos a la conclusión de que «la meditación no es para mí». Pero ¡espera! ¿Sabías que existen muchas formas de meditación? Hay meditaciones con mantras, con visualizaciones, de enfoque abierto, basadas en la respiración y muchas más. Sólo debes encontrar el zapato que te calce. Una manera fácil de comenzar es la que evoca un estado muy natural en nosotros: la benevolencia. Leer más

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  • Introduction to Satipatthana: a meditation retreat with Bhante Sujato

    Sujato’s Blog 20/05/2015

    Introduction to Satipatthana: a meditation retreat with Bhante Sujato The Satipatthana Sutta, or “The Discourse on the Establishing of Mindfulness” (MN 10, DN22) is perhaps the most influential of all the discourses in the Early Buddhist Texts. Bhante Sujato has been practicing mindfulness based on this sutta for over 20 years, as part of which he researched and wrote one of the most innovative and comprehensive texts on the subject, A History of Mindfulness. His approach to satipatthana pays full attention to teachings on mindfulness found outside the Satipatthana Sutta, and indeed outside the Pali canon. This retreat will be your last opportunity to learn and experience these teachings[…]

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  • Día del Buddha

    AppamādaNet 04/05/2015

    Día del Buddha En la luna llena del mes de vesākha (abril/mayo) conmemoramos el nacimiento, el despertar (nibbāna) y el tránsito (parinibbāna) del Buddha. ¡Feliz Vesak!

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  • Nepal: Ayuda a las víctimas del terremoto

    AppamādaNet 02/05/2015

    Nepal: Ayuda a las víctimas del terremoto Karuṇā-Shechen, organización fundada por el lama Matthieu Ricard en 2000 para proporcionar cuidados de salud, educación y servicios sociales a necesitados de la india, Nepal y Tíbet está haciendo un llamado a la solidaridad en ayuda de las víctimas del terremoto de Nepal. Con presencia en Katmandú a través de la Clínica Shechen, sus clínicas médicas móviles y campamentos, Karuṇā-Shechen cuenta con un equipo de profesionales en el terreno que está entrenado y preparado para ayudar a las víctimas de este desastre. Su equipo ya está trabajando para evaluar la situación y las necesidades a largo plazo para asistir a[…]

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