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Noticias budistas
  • Buddha statues at famed Nikko temple return after restoration

    Buddhachannel 29/06/2016

    Buddha statues at famed Nikko temple return after restoration The return of the Senju Kannon, forefront, on June 24 brings together the three main Buddha statues at Nikkozan Rinnoji temple. (Takashi Kajiyama) NIKKO, Tochigi Prefecture—Three huge statues of a sitting Buddha at Nikkozan Rinnoji temple are back in their rightful place—center stage—after undergoing four years of restoration work. The sparkling golden statues were unveiled June 24 to the delight of tourists to the World Heritage site. A little more work needs to be done, however, on the Bato Kannon (Horse-headed Kannon bodhisattva, goddess of mercy), the Amida Nyorai (Amitabha), and Senju Kannon (1,000-armed Kannon bodhisattva). The three statutes were[…]

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  • L'incroyable rencontre au sommet entre Lady Gaga et… le Dalaï-lama !

    Buddhachannel 29/06/2016

    L'incroyable rencontre au sommet entre Lady Gaga et… le Dalaï-lama ! Connue pour ses happenings qui la font faussement passer pour une dérangée, Lady Gaga est surtout une artiste engagée qui met régulièrement sa notoriété au service des causes qu'elle soutient. Après l'attaque terroriste contre un club gay de Orlando, l'interprète de Poker Face, bouleversée, a plusieurs fois pris la parole pour défendre la communauté LGBT. Soutenant Hillary Clinton, candidate démocrate à la Maison blanche, elle a récemment écrit une lettre avec 180 autres artistes au Congrès américain pour renforcer le contrôle des armes. Ce dimanche 26 juin, Lady Gaga par ailleurs fait le déplacement à Indianapolis dans le cadre d'une[…]

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  • Nelson Mandela — Liberté j'écris ton nom

    Buddhachannel 29/06/2016

    Nelson Mandela — Liberté j'écris ton nom NELSON MANDELA L'homme simple issu d'une famille royale Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela est né à Mevzo, à l'est de la province du Cap, le 18 Juillet 1918. Il est issu d'une famille royale et c'est le premier à suivre une scolarité dès l'âge de 7 ans. C'est d'ailleurs l'un de ses professeurs qui lui donne le prénom de Nelson. Son père meurt de la tuberculose lorsqu'il n'a que 9 ans. Initié à 16 ans selon la tradition familiale, il poursuit ses études et obtient son certificat scolaire. Il s'inscrit au collège en 1934, et une fois diplômé, intègre l'université de Fort[…]

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  • Bee-keeping : a true rural economy

    Buddhachannel 29/06/2016

    Bee-keeping : a true rural economy Honey and apiculture have had a long history in India. Indeed, paintings dating back from the prehistoric era and representing ancient apiculture methods, were found in Indian caves. Honey was considered as sacred food by the forests' inhabitants. Then, with the development of civilization, honey acquired a unique status in the life of Indian elders. Thus, it was considered like a magical substance that controlled the fecundity of women, bo-vines, as well as land and cultures. Because of the Indian forest's wealth, apiculture developed because the raw material necessary for the honey production was available for free next to nature.[…]

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  • Un "extraordinaire mouvement de solidarité" (Matthieu Ricard)

    Buddhachannel 29/06/2016

    Un "extraordinaire mouvement de solidarité" (Matthieu Ricard) Matthieu Ricard, moine bouddhiste et traducteur français du Dalai Lama, devant une boutique parisienne ce lundi, où il dédicaçait son livre © RF / Raymond Albouy Après le tremblement de terre meurtrier au Népal, le traducteur français du Dalai Lama, Matthieu Ricard, témoigne sur France Info. Moine bouddhiste et écrivain, il vit une grande partie de l'année au nord de l'Inde et il connaît parfaitement cette partie du monde. Photographe, écrivain, moine bouddhiste, Matthieu Ricard est aussi le traducteur français du Dalai Lama. Il vit une grande partie de l'année au nord de l'Inde, il connaît donc parfaitement le Népal[…]

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  • Insecurity

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 28/06/2016

    Insecurity Friends, in a short span of time the USA was rocked by its biggest ever act of domestic terrorism/gun violence and the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Economic, political, and social systems around the world seem to be in crisis. If we have taken refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, how are we to relate to major events such as these? The point is to see that the conditioned realm is something to contemplate and understand rather than to make assumptions about it or try to control and bend it to our desires and will. The more we try[…]

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  • Heedfulness

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 23/06/2016

    Heedfulness The subject of intoxicants can be fraught. Perfectly reasonable people can use alcohol or marijuana as an everyday tonic, with no apparent ill result. However, suggest that they take a “vacation” from their intoxicant of choice and watch the fireworks. We form an intimate attachment to the things we use to sooth ourselves. Let me be clear that I do not include prescription drugs, used as directed, in this category. Sometimes drug or alcohol addiction becomes a problem that can’t be hidden. It can result in an inability to function in ordinary life: family relationships dissolve, work becomes problematic. Anyone who knows a[…]

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  • Friday Night Speaker

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 20/06/2016

    It's Venerable Hasapanna!

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  • Compassionate speech

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 18/06/2016

    Compassionate speech There are many paths to awakening, and practicing the Buddha’s ethical trainings is a particularly accessible one. Starting from where we are, we can continuously refine our practice right up to a breakthrough of understanding. Monitoring our speech can progress from (1) listening to ourselves to (2) filtering which impulses (to speak) actually produce words and which are set aside, to (3) hearing the quality of our thoughts before they are articulated and, within our minds, cultivating the wholesome and abandoning the unwholesome. A test we can use when developing right speech is to ask ourselves these questions: Are my[…]

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  • 2016 Entry to the Rains Ceremony - Dhammasara Monastery

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 17/06/2016

    The 2016 Entry to the Rains Ceremony will be held on 10th July 2016 at Dhammasara Monastery. The Monastery will also be open to the public on this day.All are welcome.

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  • Tiradhammo's Ramblings 15/06/2016

    June 2016Greetings from Dhammagiri Monastery, near Brisbane, Australia.I arrived here on May 31stafter spending a few days with John and Hanna in the Tweed Valley, northern NSW. A small but very interested group of people participated in a day workshop on May 28 and a slightly larger group attended the Monday evening meditation.View eastwards from Lammington National Park, Queensland.I had an exceptionally beneficial two and a half month stay at Wat Buddha Dhamma. As many people recognize, everyone's temperament is unique. And while it can be very useful when we are young to stretch ourselves beyond our personal boundaries, as we[…]

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  • Words matter

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 13/06/2016

    Words matter The Buddha’s fourth training rule may be the most challenging and the most rewarding. When we are killing sentient beings, we know we’re killing. When we take something that’s not clearly ours, it’s a specific action. There is a moment (or more) of deliberation before we indulge in sexual misconduct. But talking? Where’s the filter? We are so deeply identified with our speech, and our words are so intimately connected with our thinking, that we often feel that we’re not choosing to speak, it just happens. The training regarding speech offers many rewards: We can create harmony rather than discord between people[…]

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  • Security Co-ordinator Position

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 13/06/2016

    A newly created Security Co-ordinator position is now available for a staff volunteer. This person would manage our security guard contract, maintain our security video camera system and be involved in events management. The position comes under the Vice President and may entail 2 hours of volunteer time per week. If you believe you have the time and skills for this position, please send your resume to or see the President or Vice-President on Friday Nights.

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  • Enlightened Times Newsflash!!

    Welcome to the Buddhist Society of WA - Dhammaloka Centre 09/06/2016

    The Enlightened Times has been emailed and posted to all current members. If you have not received yours, please contact Lucky to update your membership details: Additional copies will be available in the Library for a gold coin donation from Friday 17 June 2016. The next edition will be out at the end of July. We are already starting work on it and are looking for all sorts of submissions (Maximum of 300 words or feature length maximum of 600 words), with a photo if appropriate: local members of Kalyana Mitta group - what do you love about KM?member experiences[…]

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  • Sex and culture

    The Buddha's Advice to Laypeople 08/06/2016

    Sex and culture From David Brook’s NY Times column titled “Let’s Have a Better Culture War”: “If public life were truly infused with the sense that people have souls, we would educate young people to have vocations and not just careers. We would comfortably tell them that sex is a fusion of loving souls and not just a physical act. We’d celebrate marriage as a covenantal bond. We’d understand that citizenship is a covenant, too, and we have a duty to feel connected to those who disagree with us.”… …”If we talked as if people had souls, then we’d have a thick [not[…]

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  • Vesak 2016/2559

    AppamādaNet 23/05/2016

    Vesak 2016/2559 «Nuestras mentes son moldeadas por lo que admiramos. No podemos evitarlo, comenzamos a pensar como nuestros héroes, sea éste un héroe de fútbol, una estrella de la canción o un activista humanitario. El correcto refugio budista está simplemente constituido por objetos cada vez más elevados para nuestra capacidad de admiración. A medida que crece, nuestra admiración por objetos menores disminuirá con facilidad; esta es la evolución natural y orgánica de la conciencia, una elevación sin esfuerzo.» –Domo Geshe Rinpoche

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  • Retiro de Meditación Vipassana del 24 al 30 de Agosto, con Ajahn Abhinando y J. Lamarlère, en Aldeaduero

    Asociación Española de Meditación Vipassana 13/05/2016

    En : ” Aldeaduero” ,  Parque de los Arribes del  Duero ,  SALAMANCA.   Para más información :     Días : del  Miércoles  24  (17 h)  al   Martes  30  de  Agosto  (después de comer).  El Retiro es intensivo y en silencio. Coordinan :  Ajahn  Abhinando, nacido en Alemania, fué ordenado en 1.994 por Ajahn Sumedho de la Forest Sangha Tradition de Ajahn Chah. Tras más de 20 años de vida monástica, reside en  Aruna  Ratanagiri  (Reino Unido), donde dirige retiros así como en España, Italia, Suiza,…  Aj. Abhinando habla muy bien el Castellano  y  Jérôme  Lamarlère, psicoterapeuta, en 1.982 se inicia a[…]

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  • Waking Up, Growing Up, and Showing Up*

    Awakening Truth 12/05/2016

    Waking Up, Growing Up, and Showing Up* A Desire to Wake Up I remember vividly my feelings when I first came in contact with Buddhist teachings. I was 17 years old, in a lecture hall at University of California at Santa Cruz. What I heard was so clear and made so much sense, I thought if I practiced diligently, and could awaken sufficiently, then I wouldn’t suffer any more. I was on fire with the possibility of giving my life to awakening. During that class and in the ensuing decades listening to talks about meditation practice and it’s goal – enlightenment, I heard of meditation masters who[…]

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    Asociación Española de Meditación Vipassana 07/05/2016

    Estamos  abriendo  Grupos de  Meditación  Vipassana  en  España ,  para  facilitar  la  práctica  regular  de  la  Meditación  y  el  compartir  nuestras  vivencias  con   otros  meditadores.  Además de  MADRID ,  estamos en  A  CORUÑA , OURENSE , SANTIAGO de COMPOSTELA  y  SEVILLA     Mas  información

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  • Come and celebrate Vesak with us at Santi – on Saturday, 21st May 2016

    Santi Forest Monastery 22/04/2016

    09:00 – 09:30 am – Arrival 09:30 – 10:00 am – Taking of Refuge and 5 or 8 precepts 10:00 – 10:15 am – Circumambulation of Stupa and Bodhi Tree 10:30 – 12:00 am – Rice Pindapada, Anumodana, followed by                                sharing of merits and Dana 1:30 pm – Walk/Drive to Big Cave 2:00 pm – Dhamma reflection, auspicious chanting, sitting meditation              including Guided Loving-Kindness meditation Afternoon tea available from 4 pm onwards. Sunday, 22nd May Everybody is welcome to join[…]

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  • When We Live in No Man’s Land

    Awakening Truth 21/04/2016

    When We Live in No Man’s Land     By Amma Thanasanti Bhikkhuni   I live in no man’s land, right next to a piece of road that is unincorporated by the county. Sandwiched between the cities of Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs, it seems to belong to no one. In England I was part of a large community of monastics in a well-established tradition with excellent support. I left all this behind when I returned to the US seven years ago. Now I live in a hermitage, with one other bhikkhuni but without a community of other Buddhist monastics nearby, and in a place where wearing[…]

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  • Love and belonging By Ayya Dhammadhira

    Awakening Truth 12/04/2016

    Love and belonging By Ayya Dhammadhira By Ayya Dhammadhira Love and belonging are essential to the well-being of all humans as well as to other species. When I feel love and belonging, I am joyful, content and satisfied. I also feel purposeful and willing to contribute. This is because love and belonging is not a one way street. I have come to the realization that the thing that matters most to me in this life is to love and be loved. While at first this may sound simplistic or even narcissistic, it is really quite profound and all-encompassing. As two sides of a whole, giving and[…]

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  • Paṭiccasamuppāda - Dependent Origination - Ajahn Brahmali - Part 6

    Dhammanet 04/04/2016

    Play List: FeaturedPlease Click "Playlist" tab above to show a complete list of videos in this category.

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  • Retiro de Meditación Vipassana del 13 al 16 de Mayo de 2.016 (S. Isidro), con J. Lamarlère

    Asociación Española de Meditación Vipassana 01/04/2016

    En : ” Casa  de  Espiritualidad  Sta.  Maria  (Javieranas) ” ,  Galapagar ,   MADRID.                                                                     Días :  del  Viernes  13  (17h30)  al  Lunes  16  de  Mayo  (después de comer).  El Retiro es intensivo y en silencio, los principiantes son bienvenidos. Coordina :  Jérôme  Lamarlère  Psicoterapeuta , en 1.982 viaja a Thailandia donde se inicia a la meditación con Ajahn Buddhadasa, en Suan Mokkh. A lo largo de varios viajes, reside más[…]

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  • Tiradhammo's Ramblings 24/03/2016

    March, 2016Greetings from Wat Buddha Dhamma, near Sydney, Australia.I arrived here on February 27thafter spending a few days with my old friend John Barter in North Sydney. As in previous years, John invited me to offer some teachings at his psychology practice for the Thursday morning, and evening meditation classes and a day-long workshop on Saturday.Since I had a free day on Friday, John and one of his students, Stephen, took the day off work, and together with Stephen's son and brother-in-law we took an excursion to Ku-Ring-Gai National Park north of Sydney. The park is a series of forested[…]

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