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  • Robert Aitken on Enlightenment & Love

    Buddha Space 26/04/2015

    Robert Aitken on Enlightenment & Love Robert Aitken Roshi (1917-2010)Everything falls under the law of change,like a dream, a phantom, a bubble, a shadow,like dew or a flash of lightning;you should contemplate like this.This poem comes at the end of the Diamond Sutra, and refers not only to the brevity of life, but to its very texture at any moment. It is not substantial; in fact, as the Heart Sutra says, it is empty.Because the Buddhist doctrine of emptiness cannot be understood intellectually, it is widely misunderstood. Some Buddhist scholars are reduced to explaining it simply as the ultimate of impermanence: "When you say 'now' it[…]

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  • 光明真言和讃

    Buddhachannel 24/04/2015

    光明真言和讃 帰命頂礼大潅頂(だいかんじょう) 光明真言功徳力(くどくりき)諸仏菩薩の光明を 二十三字に蔵(おさ)めたり「おん」の一字を唱うれば 三世(みよ)の仏にことごとく香華(こうげ)燈明飯食(おんじき)の 供養の功徳具(そな)われり「あぼきゃ」と唱うる功力(くりき)には 諸仏諸菩薩もろともに二世(にせ)の求願(くがん)をかなえしめ 衆生を救(たす)け給うなり「べいろしゃのう」と唱うれば 唱うる我等が其のままに大日如来の御身(おんみ)にて 説法し給う姿なり「まかぼだら」の大印(だいいん)は 生仏(しょうぶつ)不二(ふに)と印可(いんか)して一切衆生をことごとく 菩提の道にぞ入れ給う「まに」の宝珠(ほうしゅ)の利益(りやく)には 此世をかけて未来まで福寿意(こころ)の如くにて 大安楽の身とぞなる「はんどま」唱うるその人は いかなる罪も消滅し華(はな)の台(うてな)に招かれて 心の蓮(はちす)を開くなり「じんばら」唱うる光明に 無明変じて明(みょう)となり数多(あまた)の我等を摂取して 有縁(うえん)の浄土に安(お)き給う「はらばりたや」を唱うれば 万(よろず)の願望成就して仏も我等も隔てなき神通(じんつう)自在の身を得(う)べし「うん」字を唱うる功力(くりき)には 罪障(ざいしょう)深きわれわれが造(つく)りし地獄も破(やぶ)られて 忽(たちま)ち浄土と成りぬべし亡者(もうじゃ)のために呪(しゅ)を誦(じゅ)じて 土砂をば加持し回向(えこう)せば悪趣に迷う精霊(しょうりょう)も 速得(そくとく)解脱と説きたまう真言醍醐(だいご)の妙教(みょうきょう)は 余教(よきょう)超過の御法(みのり)にて無辺の功徳具(そな)われり 説くともいかで尽くすべき南無大師遍照尊南無大師遍照尊南無大師遍照尊

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  • Krijgt uw kind binnenkort meditatie op school?

    Buddhachannel 24/04/2015

    Krijgt uw kind binnenkort meditatie op school? Transcendente meditatie vermindert alle symptomen van stress of geweld. Transcendente meditatietechnieken worden straks misschien ook in Belgische scholen toegepast."De meest succesvolle school ter wereld", noemt Dr. Ashley Deans zijn Maharishi School. Kinderen leren er de transcendente meditatietechniek, die effectief zou zijn voor de vermindering van stress en de ontwikkeling van hun volledige hersenpotentieel.De Canadees was in België om scholen ervan te overtuigen de techniek toe te passen.Kinderen volgen 15 minuten transcendente meditatie voor de les begint en nog eens een kwartier voor ze naar huis gaan. "Hierdoor verminderen alle symptomen van stress of geweld", verdedigt Deans zijn methode.Kinderen van de[…]

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  • Jataka : Die Erzählung von Supparaka

    Buddhachannel 24/04/2015

    Jataka : Die Erzählung von Supparaka §A. Dies erzählte der Meister, da er im Jetavana verweilte, mit Beziehung auf die Vollendung in der Weisheit. — Eines Tages nämlich warteten die Mönche, bis der Vollendete herauskomme, um die Lehre zu verkündigen, und setzten sich in der Lehrhalle nieder. Dabei sprachen sie untereinander: „Freund, ach der Meister ist von großer Weisheit, von tiefer Weisheit, von fröhlicher Weisheit, von lebhafter Weisheit, von scharfer Weisheit, von durchdringender Weisheit; er ist ausgestattet mit einer Weisheit, die allenthalben die richtigen Mittel kennt, die ausgedehnt ist wie die Erde, die tief ist wie das große Meer und weit wie der Himmel. Auf dem[…]

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  • Significato di Mandala

    Buddhachannel 24/04/2015

    Significato di Mandala Mandala è un termine simbolico associato alla cultura veda ed in particolar modo alla raccolta di inni o libri chiamata Rig Veda. Mandala (dal sanscrito maṇḍala (मण्डल), letteralmente: «essenza» (maṇḍa) + «possedere» o «contenere» (la); tradotto anche come «cerchio-circonferenza» o «ciclo», entrambi i significati derivanti dal termine tibetano dkyil khor) è un termine simbolico associato alla cultura veda ed in particolar modo alla raccolta di inni o libri chiamata Rig Veda. La parola è utilizzata, anche, per indicare un diagramma circolare costituito, di base, dall'associazione di diverse figure geometriche, le più usate delle quali sono il punto, il triangolo, il[…]

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  • Cães-robô têm alma?

    Buddhachannel 24/04/2015

    Cães-robô têm alma? Monge celebra em Tóquio a cerimônia do funeral de 19 cães-robô. / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA (AFP) O funeral realizado há alguns dias no templo de Kofuku-ji, a leste de Tóquio, contou com todas as honras das cerimônias budistas mais clássicas. As varinhas de incenso queimavam e um monge recitava sutras, os textos sagrados, pelas almas que haviam deixado este mundo. E aqueles que eram honrados se encontravam de corpo presente, cuidadosamente dispostos e etiquetados com seus nomes e lugar de procedência. Embora não fossem pessoas, nem sequer seres vivos: eram cães-robô.Em 1999, a Sony lançou uma linha desses aparelhos, os primeiros[…]

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  • SuttaCentral now has donations

    Sujato’s Blog 22/04/2015

    SuttaCentral now has donations SuttaCentral is now accepting donations. Donate to SuttaCentral In the past we did not set up a donations facility, as we had enough funds for our limited needs. Now, however, we are employing a full time developer, in addition to several other ongoing costs, such as typing the texts in several languages. So we have set this up to guarantee our future stability. The work behind the scenes has been mainly done by Deepika, who has set up the SuttaCentral Development Trust. Details are on our Donations page. The facility has been set up using the secure modern payment system,[…]

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  • 9 day Sutta Retreat at Jhana Grove with Bhantes Sujato & Brahmali

    Sujato’s Blog 19/04/2015

    9 day Sutta Retreat at Jhana Grove with Bhantes Sujato & Brahmali This is a residential retreat organized by the Buddhist Fellowship. Ven Brahmali and myself will be presenting DN16 Mahaparinibbana Sutta, with time for discussions and meditations. It’s Vesak season, so we’ll take the chance to spend some time with the Buddha as he slowly makes his way towards his final passing. It’s one of the most moving and powerful texts in all of Buddhism. Friday, 24 April 2015 at 17:00—Sunday, 3 May 2015 at 11:00 (AWST) Bookings are being organized through the Buddhist Fellowship in Singapore, who proposed and organized the retreat. You can email Eng Chin at:

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  • Upcoming Retreat

    Santi Forest Monastery 19/04/2015

    Dear friends and supporters of Santi, We are happy to inform you and hope for your understanding that for the month of May (30 April – 05 June) a wonderful opportunity has arisen for our Santi community. We are taking this time off for an intensive in-house meditation retreat. Hence our program has to change and we hope for your support. Unless there is an urgent matter the nuns will not be available for after dana discussion in the library; however, we envisage a short Dhamma desana after lunch clean up (or possibly just before). Please be aware that the[…]

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  • Invitation to celebrate Vesak at Santi: Saturday June 13

    Santi Forest Monastery 19/04/2015

    Dear friends and supporters we would love to see you join us for our yearly Vesak celebration. 9 – 9.30 Arrival 10.30 Rice Pindabath followed by Dana and Anumodana 1.00 – Walk to Big Cave Short Dhamma Reflection, auspicious chanting and meditation. Short walks around the monastery for those interested. Tea and Coffee available before departure.

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  • Buddha's Ten Duties of a Leader

    Buddha Space 16/04/2015

    Buddha's Ten Duties of a Leader Do any of these leaders live up to Buddha's teachings?Here in Thailand, society is subject to the same political vicissitudes found the world over. In recent years, this lovely country has seen turbulent times involving successive governments, claims of corruption, incompetence, and favouritism thrown around on a daily basis. The present military junta is not above such accusations either. If this predominately Buddhist nation is to progress in the future, it requires sound political leadership. But, how should Thailand expect its future elected leader to behave? Well, Buddhism does have a set of guidelines for kings, which in the modern[…]

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  • Ajahn Chah – Stilles, fließendes Wasser

    Theravada Dhamma :: Blog 15/04/2015

    Jetzt bitte aufgepasst, lasst Euren Geist nicht nach anderen Dingen abschweifen. Erzeugt in Euch das Gefühl, als säßet Ihr ganz allein auf einer Bergspitze oder irgendwo in einem Wald. Was habt Ihr in diesem Moment bei Euch? Da sind nur Körper und Geist, das ist alles, nur diese beiden Dinge. Was in dieser Gestalt enthalten […]

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  • Nuns to speak in Sydney on 24th April

    Santi Forest Monastery 14/04/2015

    Nuns to speak in Sydney on 24th April Two Santi nuns will give a Dhamma Talk and Guided Meditation in Sydney, on Friday 24th of April 2015. Santi’s senior nun Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni will speak accompanied by Ven. Adhimutta Bhikkhuni, at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (14 Ridge Street) at 7.30pm. The doors will be open from 7.00pm. All are welcome. Free event. This will be part of an on-going series of regular, monthly talks, by Santi nuns.

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  • Translating the Four Nikayas

    Sujato’s Blog 08/04/2015

    Translating the Four Nikayas Dear blog-friends, my apologies for abandoning you for the past several weeks, or is it months now? I have, as you may have suspected, been occupied with other things, primarily with doing work for SuttaCentral. One of the reasons for my focus on SuttaCentral is that I am planning on taking an extended break in order to translate Pali suttas. Since it’s mainly concerning SuttaCentral, I’ve put the main post on our Discourse forum, where you can read all about it and voice your comments: Read about my translation project.

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  • Ajahn Pasanno on Mindfulness & the Aggregates

    Buddha Space 07/04/2015

    Ajahn Pasanno on Mindfulness & the Aggregates Ajahn Pasanno (1949-present): Mr. MindfulnessWhat the Buddha tells us in the Fire Sermon, that the eye is burning, form is burning, eye consciousness is burning, eye contact is burning, the feeling arising from eye contact is burning, is that it’s not a picnic, not something that we want to be seeking. It is not something to be delighting in, and it is not something to be averse to. It is something to wake up to, something to really take the opportunity to wake up to. Quit being a working stiff, a wage laborer. Quit seeking for more contact, trying to[…]

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  • Día Internacional Buddhista - 8 de Abril


    Día Internacional Buddhista - 8 de Abril Durante la 6ta Cumbre Mundial Buddhista realizada en Japón durante el 8 al 13 de abril 2014, se gestaron importantes intervenciones de parte de muchos líderes buddhistas a nivel mundial (leer el comunicado conjunto de la Sexta Cumbre Mundial Buddhista firmado por representantes de 41 países). Esta jornada fue importante para sentar bases en cuanto a temas relevantes en la estrategia de difusión del Buddha-Dhamma en estos tiempos modernos, cuando el mundo en general atraviesa dificultades de toda índole. No obstante, al final de la experiencia como congregación mundial de buddhismo se expresaron varias propuestas o iniciativas que redundan en[…]

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  • Shunryu Suzuki on Zazen

    Buddha Space 26/03/2015

    Shunryu Suzuki on Zazen Shunryu Suzuki (鈴木 俊隆, 1904-1971)Today I am sitting in Los Altos. Tomorrow morning I shall be in San Francisco. There is no connection between the "I" in Los Altos and the "I" in San Francisco. They are quite different beings. Here we have the freedom of existence. And there is no quality connecting you and me; when I say "you," there is no "I"; when I say "I ," there is no "you." You are independent, and I am independent; each exists in a different moment. But this does not mean we are quite different beings. We are actually one[…]

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  • Video conferencias del Ven. Bhikkhu Nandisena — 29 Marzo-4 Abril, 2015


    Video conferencias del Ven. Bhikkhu Nandisena — 29 Marzo-4 Abril, 2015 Buddhismo Theravada Hispano e Instituto de Estudios Buddhistas Hispano se complacen en anunciar las próximas video conferencias del Venerable Bhikkhu Nandisena en vivo desde el Dhamma Vihara. Se ofrecerán siete video conferencias sobre el tema "Explorando el Origen Condicionado". La primera será el domingo 29 de marzo a las 7:00 PM (hora de México-UTC/GMT -6) y las restantes seis se impartirán durante los siguientes días de la semana a la misma hora hasta el sábado 4 de abril. Para las video conferencias se utilizará la plataforma Fuze del Instituto de Estudios Buddhistas Hispano. El número de sesión es 26136306. Aquellos que no han[…]

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  • Plain Buddhism Tent Village

    Sujato’s Blog 22/03/2015

    Plain Buddhism Tent Village My friend Monk Jason is planning a unique and innovative event for Sydney in July. Check it out! Plain Buddhist Tent Village Donate to the Tent Village Fund

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  • Dhammapada Reflection #5

    Buddha Space 22/03/2015

    Dhammapada, Verses 11 & 12:Those who mistake the unessential to be essentialAnd the essential to be unessential,Dwelling in wrong thoughts,Never arrive at the essential.Those who know the essential to be essentialAnd the unessential to be unessential,Dwelling on right thoughts,Do arrive at the essential.Two concepts & their opposites dominate these two verses – The first is sare (essential) & its opposite asare (unessential); the second is samma-sankappa (right intention, translated as ‘right thoughts’ above) & miccha-sankappa(wrong-intention). Understanding these terms is crucial in understanding these verses, so this article must initially resemble something of a dictionary entry so that it has a[…]

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  • Santi nuns to speak in Sydney on 27th March

    Santi Forest Monastery 18/03/2015

    Santi nuns to speak in Sydney on 27th March Ven. Vimalanyani Samaneri will give a Dhamma Talk in Sydney, on Friday 27th of March 2015. Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni will also be present. The talk will be held at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (14 Ridge Street) at 7.30pm. The doors will be open from 7.00pm. All are welcome. Free event. This will be part of an on-going series of regular, monthly talks by Santi nuns.

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  • Busy Bee – Volunteers Needed!

    Santi Forest Monastery 15/03/2015

    Santi FM is organizing a busy bee this Saturday, 21st March. A few people are required to rake and chop some wood, either morning or afternoon. You are most welcome to join us for lunch dana. What you can do is bring your own axe / hatchet if possible. Please call us on 02.4883.6331 and ask for Ven. Jenti to confirm.

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  • Karma & Rebirth - Workshop I

    Dhammanet 21/02/2015

    Play List: FeaturedPlease Click "Playlist" tab above to show a complete list of videos in this category.

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  • The Bangkok Ghost Story

    Dhammanet 13/02/2015

    The Bangkok Ghost Story Listen:  Bangkok Ghost Story.mp3Description: A Friday the 13th special from Bhante Sujato...

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  • Amor benevolente

    AppamādaNet 29/01/2015

    Amor benevolente El amor benevolente (mettā) te permite aceptar a otro ser tal como es. La mayoría de las personas hallan esto imposible debido a su mente altamente crítica. Sólo ven una parte del todo, la parte defectuosa, y se niegan a aceptarla. En cambio, el amor benevolente abarca la totalidad de algo y lo acepta como es. A través de la práctica de la meditación de mettā te vuelves cada vez menos consciente de las fallas en ti mismo y en otros seres, y adquieres mayor capacidad para aceptarlos tal y como son. –Ajahn Brahmavaṃso

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