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  • Shodo Harada on the Eye of Emptiness

    Buddha Space 26/05/2015

    Shodo Harada on the Eye of Emptiness Shodo Harada (原田 正道, c. 1940): Buddha eyesTwice the terrorists have attacked London, and even now the horror of those attacks has not allowed life to return to normal. The fear continues. Those who were killed were written about in the paper, while those who survived are filled with the possibility of their own deaths.  It is said that humans can become buddhas, but they can also become devils. Those possibilities seem apparent when something like this happens.When people, through no fault of their own, are killed by those who are so dissatisfied and discontent, the entire world becomes a battlefield.[…]

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  • Zem — Juste un doigt !

    Buddhachannel 26/05/2015

    Zem — Juste un doigt ! « Montrez-vous vous même du doigt et observez » Ramana MaharshiPar Zem

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  • Méditation en Action à Dechen Chöling

    Buddhachannel 26/05/2015

    Méditation en Action à Dechen Chöling La communauté de Dechen Chöling vous offre une richesse d'expérience ; la pleine saison va de mai à septembre. Pourquoi ne pas venir et faire partie de la famille ?Vous pouvez venir pour quelques semaines ou toute la saison, ou plus. De l'aide pour la saison d'été : jardin, cuisine, boutique, bureau, entretien… et plusieurs postes à pourvoir. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer !Postes à pourvoirMéditation en action

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  • 19 au 28 Juillet - Retraite pour les jeunes

    Buddhachannel 26/05/2015

    19 au 28 Juillet - Retraite pour les jeunes Ce programme de méditation s'adresse aux jeunes (18 – 30 ans) et se penchera sur les nombreux aspects de la pleine conscience.La Pleine conscience, c'est la capacité d'être présent et de rester connecté avec notre expérience. Notre expérience est composée de cinq perceptions sensorielles. Souvent dans la vie, nous nous trouvons perdu dans nos fantasmes et nos pensées ; ce n'est pas que les pensées sont un problème, mais notre manière habituelle de les aborder est problématique. Par la pratique de la pleine conscience, nous pouvons commencer à briser notre tendance habituelle de nous séparer de l'ici et maintenant, et[…]

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  • Du 2 au 9 Août - Kyudo : La Voie de l'Arc

    Buddhachannel 26/05/2015

    Du 2 au 9 Août - Kyudo : La Voie de l'Arc Tradition vivante du tir à l'arc méditatif, le Kyudo est une pratique contemplative puissante et raffinée.Au Japon, il y a des siècles, le tir à l'arc était considéré comme la plus noble des disciplines du guerrier. Puis, lorsque l'arc perdit sa signification en tant qu'arme, sous l'influence du bouddhisme, du shinto, du taoïsme et du confucianisme, le Kyudo évolua en une pratique contemplative raffinée et puissante.Le kyudo renforce la synchronisation de l`esprit et du corps. Se concentrer sur la dimension physique met l`esprit au repos. Avec la précision des formes, l`hésitation, la peur et les autres émotions conflictuelles diminuent, permettant[…]

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  • Programme jusqu'à fin Août à Chadorla (Khenpo Trinley Gyaltsen)

    Buddhachannel 26/05/2015

    Programme jusqu'à fin Août à Chadorla (Khenpo Trinley Gyaltsen) Retraites, stages, conférences de juin à août 2015 Vision synthétiqueDimanche 14 juin 2015 « Purifier notre karma négatif »Dans la loi du karma, il n'y a pas de fatalité, mais des causes et des effets. Les empreintes laissées dans notre esprit par nos actions passées produisent des effets. Nous agissons selon certaines tendances et nous nous retrouvons dans des situations liées à ces tendances. Le karma est ce qui sous-tend les conditions de vie de chacun d'entre nous. Le Karma, c'est aussi les actions que l'on pose aujourd'hui et qui conditionnent notre vie de demain. Quand nous rencontrons des difficultés,[…]

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  • Buddha's Ten Duties of a Leader

    Buddha Space 24/05/2015

    Buddha's Ten Duties of a Leader Do any of these leaders live up to Buddha's teachings?Here in Thailand, society is subject to the same political vicissitudes found the world over. In recent years, this lovely country has seen turbulent times involving successive governments, claims of corruption, incompetence, and favouritism thrown around on a daily basis. The present military junta is not above such accusations either. If this predominately Buddhist nation is to progress in the future, it requires sound political leadership. But, how should Thailand expect its future elected leader to behave? Well, Buddhism does have a set of guidelines for kings, which in the modern[…]

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  • Introduction to Satipatthana: a meditation retreat with Bhante Sujato

    Sujato’s Blog 20/05/2015

    Introduction to Satipatthana: a meditation retreat with Bhante Sujato The Satipatthana Sutta, or “The Discourse on the Establishing of Mindfulness” (MN 10, DN22) is perhaps the most influential of all the discourses in the Early Buddhist Texts. Bhante Sujato has been practicing mindfulness based on this sutta for over 20 years, as part of which he researched and wrote one of the most innovative and comprehensive texts on the subject, A History of Mindfulness. His approach to satipatthana pays full attention to teachings on mindfulness found outside the Satipatthana Sutta, and indeed outside the Pali canon. This retreat will be your last opportunity to learn and experience these teachings[…]

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  • Copy this

    Sujato’s Blog 19/05/2015

    Copy this Copyright is a big deal. There’s hardly a single computer user who hasn’t faced the possibility of using or creating content that infringes copyright. And it is a huge deal in the area of Buddhist texts, where many texts are protected under some form of copyright law. I’m going to make a somewhat complex argument here, so let me state my conclusions up front. I think copyright is a bad idea. I think we would be better off without it. But regardless of whether it has certain applications in some areas, it contradicts fundamental Buddhist principles and should never be[…]

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  • Exploring Meaning – multi-faith climate change workshop

    Sujato’s Blog 18/05/2015

    Exploring Meaning – multi-faith climate change workshop To get to the heart of the matter In an atmosphere of equality, take the opportunity to explore what climate change means to us from the heart. Hear from faith leaders, an aboriginal elder and a climate scientist to understand what it means to them. Prof. Lesley Hughes, Donna Jacobs Sife, Frances Bodkin and Bhante Sujato will speak to the meaning of climate change from the backgrounds of science, Judaism, Buddhism & Aboriginal culture. We will co-create the exploration of what it means to our selves, to others, and what diverse perspectives emerge through the journey. ALL WELCOME Book your[…]

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  • Dhammapada Reflection #6

    Buddha Space 16/05/2015

    Verses 13 & 14Just as rain breaks throughAn ill-thatched house,So passion penetratesAn undeveloped mind.Just as rain does not break throughA well-thatched house,So passion never penetratesA well-developed mind.Ragais a key concept in Buddha’s teaching. It can be translated s ‘passion,’ ‘desire’ or ‘attachment.’ It denotes passion for things that lead to stress or suffering (dukkha). As such, it is one of the three poisons or three unwholesome roots, a basic teaching of Buddhism. The other two poisons are aversion (dosa) & ignorance (moha). A synonym found in Buddhist texts for raga is lobha, which means ‘greed.’ Recognising passion is or greed[…]

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  • Ajahn Amaro on "Who" & "What"

    Buddha Space 06/05/2015

    Ajahn Amaro on "Who" & "What" Ajahn Amaro (1956-present): "Who" or 'What" are you?In order to discover the place of non-abiding, we have to find a way of letting go of the conditioned, the world of becoming. We need to recognize the strong identification we have with our bodies and personalities, with all of our credentials, and with how we take it all as inarguable truth: “I am Joe Schmoe; I was born in this place; this is my age; this is what I do for a living; this is who I am.”It seems so reasonable to think like this, and on one level, it makes[…]

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  • Graeme Lyall has passed on

    Sujato’s Blog 04/05/2015

    Graeme Lyall has passed on Dear friends, On Vesak day, May 3 2015 at 3.40pm, Graeme Lyall passed away. Those familiar with Buddhism in Australia will know of Graeme’s unsurpssed service to Buddhism in this country and internationally. He was the senior Buddhist in the whole country, having been part of the original Buddhist Society of NSW from its inception in 1953. I won’t give you a history of his life, but will share with you some of my memories of him as a man. Graeme reminded me of the Monkey character from the classic show: his nature is irrepressible! He was an august and[…]

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  • Día del Buddha

    AppamādaNet 04/05/2015

    Día del Buddha En la luna llena del mes de vesākha (abril/mayo) conmemoramos el nacimiento, el despertar (nibbāna) y el tránsito (parinibbāna) del Buddha. ¡Feliz Vesak!

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  • Nepal: Ayuda a las víctimas del terremoto

    AppamādaNet 02/05/2015

    Nepal: Ayuda a las víctimas del terremoto Karuṇā-Shechen, organización fundada por el lama Matthieu Ricard en 2000 para proporcionar cuidados de salud, educación y servicios sociales a necesitados de la india, Nepal y Tíbet está haciendo un llamado a la solidaridad en ayuda de las víctimas del terremoto de Nepal. Con presencia en Katmandú a través de la Clínica Shechen, sus clínicas médicas móviles y campamentos, Karuṇā-Shechen cuenta con un equipo de profesionales en el terreno que está entrenado y preparado para ayudar a las víctimas de este desastre. Su equipo ya está trabajando para evaluar la situación y las necesidades a largo plazo para asistir a[…]

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  • Dhammapada Reflection #3

    Buddha Space 28/04/2015

    Verses 6, 7 & 8:There are those that do not realizeThat one day we must all die.But those that do realize thisSettle their quarrels.Just as a storm throws down a weak tree,So does Mara overpower the one who livesFor the pursuit of pleasures,Who is uncontrolled in senses,Immoderate in eating, indolent, and dissipated.Just as a storm cannot prevailAgainst a rocky mountain,So Mara can never overpower the oneWho lives meditating on the impurities,Who is controlled in his senses,Moderate in eating, and filledWith faith and earnest effort. We humans are an ingenious lot. We can cure many fatal diseases, produce amazing works of art,[…]

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  • SuttaCentral now has donations

    Sujato’s Blog 22/04/2015

    SuttaCentral now has donations SuttaCentral is now accepting donations. Donate to SuttaCentral In the past we did not set up a donations facility, as we had enough funds for our limited needs. Now, however, we are employing a full time developer, in addition to several other ongoing costs, such as typing the texts in several languages. So we have set this up to guarantee our future stability. The work behind the scenes has been mainly done by Deepika, who has set up the SuttaCentral Development Trust. Details are on our Donations page. The facility has been set up using the secure modern payment system,[…]

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  • Upcoming Retreat

    Santi Forest Monastery 19/04/2015

    Dear friends and supporters of Santi, We are happy to inform you and hope for your understanding that for the month of May (30 April – 05 June) a wonderful opportunity has arisen for our Santi community. We are taking this time off for an intensive in-house meditation retreat. Hence our program has to change and we hope for your support. Unless there is an urgent matter the nuns will not be available for after dana discussion in the library; however, we envisage a short Dhamma desana after lunch clean up (or possibly just before). Please be aware that the[…]

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  • Invitation to celebrate Vesak at Santi: Saturday June 13

    Santi Forest Monastery 19/04/2015

    Dear friends and supporters we would love to see you join us for our yearly Vesak celebration. 9 – 9.30 Arrival 10.30 Rice Pindabath followed by Dana and Anumodana 1.00 – Walk to Big Cave Short Dhamma Reflection, auspicious chanting and meditation. Short walks around the monastery for those interested. Tea and Coffee available before departure.

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  • Ajahn Chah – Stilles, fließendes Wasser

    Theravada Dhamma :: Blog 15/04/2015

    Jetzt bitte aufgepasst, lasst Euren Geist nicht nach anderen Dingen abschweifen. Erzeugt in Euch das Gefühl, als säßet Ihr ganz allein auf einer Bergspitze oder irgendwo in einem Wald. Was habt Ihr in diesem Moment bei Euch? Da sind nur Körper und Geist, das ist alles, nur diese beiden Dinge. Was in dieser Gestalt enthalten […]

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  • Nuns to speak in Sydney on 24th April

    Santi Forest Monastery 14/04/2015

    Nuns to speak in Sydney on 24th April Two Santi nuns will give a Dhamma Talk and Guided Meditation in Sydney, on Friday 24th of April 2015. Santi’s senior nun Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni will speak accompanied by Ven. Adhimutta Bhikkhuni, at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (14 Ridge Street) at 7.30pm. The doors will be open from 7.00pm. All are welcome. Free event. This will be part of an on-going series of regular, monthly talks, by Santi nuns.

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  • Día Internacional Buddhista - 8 de Abril


    Día Internacional Buddhista - 8 de Abril Durante la Sexta Cumbre Mundial Buddhista realizada en Japón durante el 8 al 13 de abril 2014, se gestaron importantes intervenciones de parte de muchos líderes buddhistas a nivel mundial (leer el comunicado conjunto de la Sexta Cumbre Mundial Buddhista firmado por representantes de cuarenta y un países). Esta jornada fue importante para sentar bases en cuanto a temas relevantes en la estrategia de difusión del Buddha-Dhamma en estos tiempos modernos, cuando el mundo en general atraviesa dificultades de toda índole. No obstante, al final de la experiencia, como congregación mundial de buddhismo, se expresaron varias propuestas o iniciativas que redundan[…]

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  • Video conferencias del Ven. Bhikkhu Nandisena — 29 Marzo-4 Abril, 2015


    Video conferencias del Ven. Bhikkhu Nandisena — 29 Marzo-4 Abril, 2015 Buddhismo Theravada Hispano e Instituto de Estudios Buddhistas Hispano se complacen en anunciar las próximas video conferencias del Venerable Bhikkhu Nandisena en vivo desde el Dhamma Vihara. Se ofrecerán siete video conferencias sobre el tema "Explorando el Origen Condicionado". La primera será el domingo 29 de marzo a las 7:00 PM (hora de México-UTC/GMT -6) y las restantes seis se impartirán durante los siguientes días de la semana a la misma hora hasta el sábado 4 de abril. Para las video conferencias se utilizará la plataforma Fuze del Instituto de Estudios Buddhistas Hispano. El número de sesión es 26136306. Aquellos que no han[…]

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  • Santi nuns to speak in Sydney on 27th March

    Santi Forest Monastery 18/03/2015

    Santi nuns to speak in Sydney on 27th March Ven. Vimalanyani Samaneri will give a Dhamma Talk in Sydney, on Friday 27th of March 2015. Ven. Nirodha Bhikkhuni will also be present. The talk will be held at the Well-Awareness Centre in North Sydney (14 Ridge Street) at 7.30pm. The doors will be open from 7.00pm. All are welcome. Free event. This will be part of an on-going series of regular, monthly talks by Santi nuns.

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  • Busy Bee – Volunteers Needed!

    Santi Forest Monastery 15/03/2015

    Santi FM is organizing a busy bee this Saturday, 21st March. A few people are required to rake and chop some wood, either morning or afternoon. You are most welcome to join us for lunch dana. What you can do is bring your own axe / hatchet if possible. Please call us on 02.4883.6331 and ask for Ven. Jenti to confirm.

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